The focus of the resurrection should be a year round delight for followers of Christ.  So much attention to its detail is given and its veracity forms the basis of a living transformational faith.  For Paul, the truth of the resurrection was essential to everything he taught (I Corinthians 15:15-19).  All of our future and present day benefits of Christ (Ephesians 1:19, 2:6, 3:16, 20) extend from the resurrection.

One of the many striking aspects of the resurrection account, in both the Gospels and in 1 Corinthians 15, is the emphasis on Jesus showing Himself to so many of His disciples.  He did not rise again, proceed to heaven and stay there, but He left no doubt about what had happened.

Not only did He take the time to present Himself to them, He met so many of them where they were at in their grief and sorrow, or even doubt and fear.  From a distraught Mary Magdalene in the graveyard (John 20:11-18) to the doubting Thomas (John 20:24-28) to the fearful disciples (John 20:19-21), Jesus went to all of them and responded to their condition in love and tenderness.

God remains in the same disposition to us today.  He is meeting us right where we are with what we need, right when we need it.  We may not understand what He is doing, but due to His death and resurrection, we are guaranteed we will be cared for with supernatural power by the one who is capable of knowing our hearts and ministering grace to our soul.  His Word is sufficient food for our soul and His Sprit’s presence of peace, comfort, and even conviction is essential to our daily progress in the gospel.