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Faith When Facing Unfulfilled Dreams

by Tim Terpstra

The story of Abraham remind us of the realities that this life is filled with disappointment and unfulfilled dreams.  Abraham and Sarah left home with only a promise and a pocketful of faith. Along the way to experiencing what God had promised them, they instead suffered through days, months, and years of an empty home […]

Finding Contentment in all the Seasons of Life

by Tim Terpstra

My first thirty-nine years of life were spent in the Midwest. While there is variation between the flat cornfields of Iowa and the flat plans of North Dakota, to an outsider, they might look identically green. Indiana has a few more trees, Wisconsin a really big river (the Mississippi), and North Dakota has, well, it has […]

A World Ruled By God

by Tim Terpstra

Selah Moment – Our world often seems to be ruled by the gods, perhaps not the ones that were thought to have ruled the ancient world, but certainly the gods of power, greed, prejudice, lust, and pleasure appear to control modernity.   The god of the sexually liberated leads to a celebration of a hook up culture and abortion rights; the god of greed exploits […]

Hope in Trouble

by Tim Terpstra

Often a new year provides opportunities to reflect on aspects of life we would want to change. Improved health, better relationships, and a hope for stronger finances might direct us to make resolutions and commitments.  For lasting change in these area to be realized, our daily habits and actions have to adjust as well. There are some parts […]

Resurrection Redux

by Tim Terpstra

  The focus of the resurrection should be a year round delight for followers of Christ.  So much attention to its detail is given and its veracity forms the basis of a living transformational faith.  For Paul, the truth of the resurrection was essential to everything he taught (I Corinthians 15:15-19).  All of our future and present […]

Perfect Wisdom, Perfect Timing, Every Time

by Tim Terpstra
Why Attend Church?

Have you ever wondered why God isn’t doing what you think He should be doing when you think He should be doing it?  We can, when not in the moment of waiting, answer the question with a general vague acknowledgement that He indeed knows best.   The scripture offers more than vagaries on His Sovereignty, but […]

“Remember Jesus Christ, Risen from the Dead” II Tim 2:8

by Tim Terpstra

This is an interesting piece of advice from Paul to Timothy and to us. No doubt there were many things in Timothy’s life and ministry to cause concern and fear. There are many things in our lives and the world situation around us that are alarming and fearful. How would this piece of advice from […]

Soul Recalibration

by Tim Terpstra

Psalm 73:22-24 (NASB) 22  Then I was senseless and ignorant; I was like a beast before You. 23  Nevertheless I am continually with You; You have taken hold of my right hand. 24  With Your counsel You will guide me, And afterward receive me to glory. All of God’s men and women have great struggles […]

Trusting God and Not Riches

by Tim Terpstra

A couple of weeks ago we were challenged by the scripture not to set our hopes on uncertain riches, but to set our hope on God. (I Tim. 6:17) We all know riches are not hope-worthy. We know riches are a very uncertain anchor for hope. If riches were any anchor at all, we wouldn’t […]

Fighting Fear Part 3

by Tim Terpstra
So what is church anyway?

We are in our third part of a short series on fighting fear and anxiety with the capable of ammunition of the gospel. Fear unchecked has the potential to paralyze us, rendering even the most ardent follower of Jesus powerless. In Isaiah 41, God brings us face to face with real reason for hope. Here […]