What to Expect

There are many different philosophies and styles of church services.  At Crosspoint we seek to be intentionally directed by the scriptures.  We want you to feel warmly welcomed to come and share in what God is doing at Crosspoint. The corporate singing of the congregation is emphasized, real fellowship and encouragement is encouraged, and the reading and preaching of God’s Word will be central to our worship of Jesus Christ.

The following statements nicely summarize our weekly meeting:

  • Scripture will be read…so that what we believe and confess is what the Scriptures confess.
  • Scripture will be taught…so that we might respond more clearly and more passionately to the knowledge of God as revealed in His Word.
  • Exhortation will be made…so that we might be encouraged to conform to what we confess, to persevere in holy living, and to abandon self-dependence.
  • Fellowship will be enjoyed…so that we might actively pursue unity within the body.
  • Prayers will be prayed…so that we might align our hearts to the will of God and request that He do it.
  • Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs will be sung…so that we might express our adoration of and dependence upon our God.
  • Ordinances will be observed…so that we might remind ourselves of the grace that we find in the Gospel and of the unity we have in the body.
  • Gifts will be given…so that we might demonstrate our dependence on God and be a part of God’s plan to spread the Gospel.

Adapted from Redeemer Community Church, Fuquay-Varina, NC.

Meeting location – Crosspoint gathers together on Sundays at 10:00 am at the Union Park Elementary School at 25700 N 21st Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85085.  Throughout the week smaller groups of the church family meet both formally and informally for Bible study, fellowship, and sharing life together.

Get to know Crosspoint

To some, church is a place you go to get married or a place you are forced to attend on Easter at the prodding of your grandmother. To some, the church is just an irrelevant group of people that teach about what you should and shouldn’t do. Well, we are here to tell you that the church is very important in God’s eyes. It is relevant because God is relevant. The church is not, or should not, be about religion, but about a relationship with Christ. And as we seek to know God more and serve him better, we understand that God designed the Christian to do so in a caring and committed community of believers. It is when we are in relationships that point us to Christ that we honor him most!