This past Sunday morning we spent time examining what the author of Hebrews about the supremacy of Jesus Christ. Why exactly should Christ be the focus of our daily life and activities? Why should knowing Christ and regarding Christ as the highest treasure of life be catamount?  The author of Hebrews initially described Christ as the heir of all things.   The Expositor’s Bible Commentary said it this way: “Jesus has the supreme place in the mighty universe.” The author builds on this statement by explaining that Jesus is the means by which the world was created and is upheld.

As we consider the reality of Christ having ownership over all created things, as He was the one who created the world and is moving history toward God’s intended purpose, we are amazed by the fact we can have relationship and standing with Him.  Christ is not a supporting character in the play of our life, but rather the central figure of history.  We are dependent on Him for each breath, and we have been blessed to be placed in His family. Life is about Him, as the rightful heir of created things.  The implications of the ownership of Christ are profound and yet, very practical.  The daily mundane decisions and conversations take on a higher purpose. Our affections and daily loves carry an increased weight, for they serve the purpose of the heir of all things. This week you might ask yourself: how do thoughts of Christ direct your purposes and actions?  Since He has the supreme place in the universe, how supreme is He in the decisions and desires of your life?