Selah Moment – Picture Perfect
The advent of digital pictures removes much of the surprise and disappointment in photography. Before digital pictures, opening a package of newly developed pictures was often a mixture intrepidation, frustration, and occasional delight.  The package might contain a handful of useful poses, along with shots of closed eyes, back of the heads, blurry images, and assorted missed opportunities.  Today those pictures are quickly discard and forgotten, and only the perfect images are kept, displayed, and proudly shared.
We recently took a series of photos with our extended family that were visiting, and since we lacked a photographer, we used the timer feature on our camera. Each time we ran back to view the most recently taken photo, we were chagrined to discover eyes closed, smiles discarded, and even one shot where no one was ready, as everyone was still finding their place to stand.

In reality, the flubs, mess ups, discards, and America’s Funniest Home Pictures (I do believe that is a real show) is more the reality of our lives than the perfectly cropped photos we post. Much of our lives is spent fixing, editing, redoing and attempting to undo the damage that sin and corruption has made in our lives.  We of course don’t want anyone to know that side of us exists and so we block relationships when they get too personal, or retreat from them when they become uncomfortable in order to maintain our front. Inside we are a blubbering mess, fraught with fear, disappointment and stress.

This defensive posture does little to address the sadness and mess of our soul.  God does have a miraculously good answer for our pride and posturing, His grace. His grace teaches us that we can own our sin and shame and find forgiveness in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. His grace also brings promise for a better tomorrow as His Spirit lives in each of His children and is divinely committed to a life long project of changing us into the perfect likeness of the glorious Son (2 Corinthians 3:18).  His grace is teaching us to renounce sinful controlling passions, and to live a life with the soon return of Jesus in view (Titus 2:11-14).  God’s plan includes His family (the church) to help carry out this glorious mission (Hebrews 10:24-25).  We don’t to live in fear, but in the promise of unmerited divine favor!

How are you participating in His plan?  What is your attitude toward transparency and openness?   Do you front perfect photos of your soul to avoid real change?  How does God’s grace enter your life’s paradigm?