This is an interesting piece of advice from Paul to Timothy and to us. No doubt there were many things in Timothy’s life and ministry to cause concern and fear. There are many things in our lives and the world situation around us that are alarming and fearful. How would this piece of advice from Paul apply and help us?  Remember Jesus, Risen!

How many issues can you think of that are addressed by this one fact? The fact that He is raised concerns our past. The resurrection of Jesus demonstrates that the Father accepted His sacrifice for sin. By His resurrection we know we are no longer under the wrath of God. We are now forgiven and accepted. (Acts 13:37-39, Romans 4:25)

The fact of the resurrection concerns our present. Because He is risen we are assured of victory in this life now. (Rom. 6:4, 8:11) The greater issue is that the resurrection of Jesus guarantees our future in the Glory of God.(I Cor.6:14) Past, present, future. Give some time to working out the connections between your issues and the resurrection. Remember Jesus Christ, Risen from the Dead.

– Dick Fellars