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Resurrection Redux

by Tim Terpstra

  The focus of the resurrection should be a year round delight for followers of Christ.  So much attention to its detail is given and its veracity forms the basis of a living transformational faith.  For Paul, the truth of the resurrection was essential to everything he taught (I Corinthians 15:15-19).  All of our future and present […]

“Remember Jesus Christ, Risen from the Dead” II Tim 2:8

by Tim Terpstra

This is an interesting piece of advice from Paul to Timothy and to us. No doubt there were many things in Timothy’s life and ministry to cause concern and fear. There are many things in our lives and the world situation around us that are alarming and fearful. How would this piece of advice from […]

Charter Service Challenge to the Church

by Tim Terpstra

The Crosspoint Family was encouraged and challenged by a poignant charter service message from Pastor Jim Welch from Victory Baptist Church, Montrose, Colorado.  Here is a summary of the  main points from Pastor Welch’s message to the congregation. We pray that we as a body would live out these biblical aspirations. 1.Glorify God – Ephesians […]

So What is Church Anyway?

by Robbie Glazner

To some, church is a place you go to get married or a place you are forced to attend on Easter at the prodding of your grandmother. To some, the church is just an irrelevant group of people that teach about what you should and shouldn’t do. Well, we are here to tell you that the […]

Why Attend Church?

by Robbie Glazner

Have you ever attended a professional baseball game? I remember back to when I was just a boy traveling from New Mexico to LA to watch the Dodgers play; Darrell Strawberry was my favorite player at that point and I was so excited to see him play. I had seen many games on TV, collected […]