Why Attend Church?Have you ever attended a professional baseball game? I remember back to when I was just a boy traveling from New Mexico to LA to watch the Dodgers play; Darrell Strawberry was my favorite player at that point and I was so excited to see him play. I had seen many games on TV, collected Topps, Upperdeck and other baseball cards, and followed the sport as best as I could.

But at that mid-afternoon California game… everything changed.

Participating with others who loved the very same thing as I, interacting with the sights and sounds of what baseball was about with people who shared my interests, my love, my commitment. Baseball was never the same!

Many of us live our Christian life just as I followed my baseball. We read the literature, we talk about and to God, but we fail to participate with those who love him as we do. The Christian life was not meant to be lived in isolation.

As followers (disciples) of Christ, we best grow when:

  1. We experience life with those who are learning
  2. We are accountable to to fellow learners for continued growth
  3. We are affirmed and loved in our Christian walk
  4. We are part of a structure that allows, supports, and urges growth.

Why attend church? Because I need you, you need me, and together we point each other to the Cross!