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Living as if Christ is Supreme

by Tim Terpstra

This past Sunday morning we spent time examining what the author of Hebrews about the supremacy of Jesus Christ. Why exactly should Christ be the focus of our daily life and activities? Why should knowing Christ and regarding Christ as the highest treasure of life be catamount?  The author of Hebrews initially described Christ as the heir of all things. […]

Finding Contentment in all the Seasons of Life

by Tim Terpstra

My first thirty-nine years of life were spent in the Midwest. While there is variation between the flat cornfields of Iowa and the flat plans of North Dakota, to an outsider, they might look identically green. Indiana has a few more trees, Wisconsin a really big river (the Mississippi), and North Dakota has, well, it has […]

Picture Perfect

by Tim Terpstra

Selah Moment – Picture Perfect The advent of digital pictures removes much of the surprise and disappointment in photography. Before digital pictures, opening a package of newly developed pictures was often a mixture intrepidation, frustration, and occasional delight.  The package might contain a handful of useful poses, along with shots of closed eyes, back of the heads, […]

A World Ruled By God

by Tim Terpstra

Selah Moment – Our world often seems to be ruled by the gods, perhaps not the ones that were thought to have ruled the ancient world, but certainly the gods of power, greed, prejudice, lust, and pleasure appear to control modernity.   The god of the sexually liberated leads to a celebration of a hook up culture and abortion rights; the god of greed exploits […]

Advent is God with Us

by Tim Terpstra

The advent is not an independent event to be celebrated on it’s own, but it is rather the dawning of God’s promises to His people.  In the middle of despair and hopelessness, God came to His people in fulfillment of the promises that were made to Adam and Eve in the Garden, to Abraham, to David, and […]