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Pokemon Go! Identity, Community

by Tim Terpstra

The recent Pokemon craze has swept Phoenix, and probably most of the world that has access to smart phones.  One recent Sunday morning, the normally empty park behind the community center where the church meets was full of gamers braving the summer heat, looking down at their phones, attempting to find treasures in a game […]

Repentance and the Promise of Restoration

by Tim Terpstra

Selah Moment –  Our Sunday morning scripture reading has taken us through the story of ancient Israel’s often tense relationship with God.  The book is filled with betrayal, judgment, and promise of a future hope.  God’s people had chased after other gods, rejecting the covenant God had made with them.  Judgment followed their fickle love. […]

Devastation and Gospel Hope in Phoenix

by Tim Terpstra

This past week brought word of another tragic shooting of a police officer who serves our community in the valley of the sun.  While there has been increased attention to methods of law enforcement and police brutality, by all accounts Officer David Glasser was indicative of most law enforcement, selflessly protecting his community. He was […]

The Future of the Church

by Tim Terpstra

I was recently reading through Genesis and was encouraged and challenged when considering the construction of the Tower of Babel.  Following  the destruction of the world through a flood, the population would soon recover through the family of Noah.  These descendants soon committed themselves to the development of a monument to their greatness.  The edifice […]

Hope in Trouble

by Tim Terpstra

Often a new year provides opportunities to reflect on aspects of life we would want to change. Improved health, better relationships, and a hope for stronger finances might direct us to make resolutions and commitments.  For lasting change in these area to be realized, our daily habits and actions have to adjust as well. There are some parts […]