I was recently reading through Genesis and was encouraged and challenged when considering the construction of the Tower of Babel.  Following  the destruction of the world through a flood, the population would soon recover through the family of Noah.  These descendants soon committed themselves to the development of a monument to their greatness.  The edifice they were building would rival the place of God as Supreme Authority over the world. The glory reserved for Him would have to be shared with the craftsman who designed this building to show their grandeur and wisdom. God, of course, made short work of their efforts, scattering them by introducing previously unknown languages to them, not allowing the communication and unity needed for their selfishly ambitious project to continue.

The Church of Jesus Christ has the opposite task of the architects of the ill-fated Tower of Babel. The church has been called by God to assemble around the notion of making God’s name great by proclaiming and living out the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Its membership is unified around a mission of making His name known around the world and making disciples who will make declare His unmatched glory.

While nothing remains of Babel, the church has a rich history and an unrivaled future.  God has promised that He will build His church, and nothing, not even the gates of Hades would prevail against its construction.  These promises give us great hope in the power and purpose that God has for His people. It is a privilege to be a part of a people whose sole purpose is to come together to reflect the grandeur and greatness of our God through Jesus Christ and the ministry of His Spirit.  What a kind and gracious God we serve!